How thermal Printer Works and Prints labels on roll sheets?

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A thermal printer consists of printer head, an ink ribbon, roll of thermal paper and rubber roll. The print head on your thermal printer produce printed labels by transferring ink from your thermal transfer ribbon onto label material. The paper and the ink used in thermal printing is heat sensitive and should be protected from light and moisture. The ribbon is transferred in tiny dots of printing. Each dot corresponds to a dot on to print head. Barcode labels are made of series of vertical bar of varying width. The width and spaces of white bar are always fixed. Most thermal printers can be found in point of sale use or printing bar codes for inventory tracking.

thermal printer

To adjust roll into printer first open your printer. Labels printed on the upper portion of printer that you want to print. Fix roll into your thermal printer. Check your rolls are properly fixed into your thermal printer. Move down your printer and press button on right corner of printer to close it. Now your printer is ready to use. 

barcode roll

How print barcode labels on roll sheets.

Step 1:

There are number of roll sheet available in market. Download and install barcode software on your computer system. Design customized barcode labels using various advance image, font and color setting.

barcode designing

Step 2:

Adjust roll into printer. Connect your system to printer.

thermal printing

Step 3:

Now go to click on print. Adjust print setting according to your requirement. You can easily print multiple copies of same barcode labels in single sheet. Press click button

barcode printing

Step 4:

Now you labels are printing and ready to use

barcode labels

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Download free trial version of DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software

free download barcode software


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