How to design barcode labels by using Codabar Barcode Font?

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Coda bar is a type of linear barcode font. It supports 16 characters. Such types of barcode are also recognized as NW-7, or USD-4, Code bar. These encodes period (.), slash (/), colon (:) and plus (+), 10 digits, dollar ($), hyphen (-). These are needed start and stop characters. Start and stop characters are mapped to A, B, C and D.  Coda bar is self-checking barcode symbology and basically used in libraries, blood banks and shipping industries etc.

It is very easy and fast to operate Barcode Label Maker Software to create Coda bar barcode fonts. This application helps users to generate bulk amount of product labels for multiple industries by using Linear and Two dimensional text font supports.  There are multiple image drawing tools including pencil, color, text, picture, triangle, rectangle, oval etc that help users to make product stickers, asset tags, price labels etc as per your requirement. You can create, print and email generated barcode labels in an automated manner. Besides this multiple other features are also available for users such as cut copy and paste created barcode label on other Microsoft applications, background color, label editing option, saving created barcode label by using distinct image file extensions including gif, jpeg etc.

Procedure for designing Coda bar Barcode by using Barcode Label Maker Software

1-At first you need to install DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software on your PC. Now go on system screen. Here you will see two options 1- Barcode settings 2- Barcode designing view.
Just go on the barcode designing view and insert barcode label icon from drawing tools at Tool Bar. Double click on the barcode icon to set it properties.

barcode designing view
2-You can set barcode label margins as per your requirement

barcode margins
3-Here you can specify card shapes and sizes. Suppose you have  chosen for Round Rectangle shape

barcode shape
4-After barcode label creation you need to print it. For printing go on the print command at left corner of screen at Tool Bar. There are available two modes of printing Pre Define Label Stock and Manual.

5-(a) Suppose you have chosen Pre Define Label Stock option then:-

pre defined label stock
(b) Suppose you have chosen Manual option then:-

manual barcode printing
Print preview facility is available for users before actual printing. Now click on the print button.
6-Your Barcode Labels are printed now.

barcode label printing

Scanning of Coda bar Barcode Font

codabar scanning

This topic is more elaborated on this following link you can visit it:

Download Barcode Label Maker Software for evaluation


For more detail you can contact on

DRPU Software
support [at] howtobarcode [dot] net

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