Designing of EAN13 Linear font by using DRPU Barcode Software

Download DRPU Barcode Software for evaluation

Download DRPU Barcode Software

EAN13 is a linear type text font methodology. EAN13 barcode are divided into two groups these are as follows the left groups and the right groups. The left groups – These encodes digit one (1) in the form of even and odd parity The right groups ā€“ It consist 8 to 13 digits and digit 13 is considered as check digit. When we encode an EAN13 barcode, all the digits are firstly divided into three groups these are as first digit, a first group of six digits and last group of six digits. First group of 6 digits is encoded by using a scheme in which for each digit two types of encoding are possible, one of which has odd parity and one of which has even parity. EAN13 barcodes are basically used in marketing products and retail sectors etc. Designing and printing of EAN13 linear font is very easy by using Barcode Software.

EAN13 barcode sample

EAN13 barcode sample

DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software creates and prints product stickers for multiple business purposes in an automated manner. You can easily design asset tags for different industries like retail, packaging, distribution, retail, warehousing, manufacturing and telecommunication etc as per their requirement. Batch processing series methods to create bulk barcodes, Linear and 2D text font methodology support, email setting feature, print preview facility etc are available for users at the time of barcode generation and printing.

EAN13 barcode creation procedure via DRPU Barcode Software

To design EAN13 barcode labels firstly install DRPU Barcode label maker software on your computer system. Open the software screen. Here you will see two options Barcode Settings and Barcode Designing View. You can design labels any one of the mode. Here we have shown barcode creation by using both of the modes.

Barcode Settings mode for EAN13 label creation – In this mode firstly go to the Barcode Settings tab. There are available two types of text font symbologies Linear Barcodes and 2D Barcodes. Select linear text font methodology and EAN13 as barcode font type. Specify Barcode value, header and footer as per your requirement. You are also able to adjust General, Font, Color and Image settings etc. Set left, right, top, bottom, header, footer margins, background color etc at the time of label creation. This is quick and simple mode to generate barcode labels.

EAN13 barcode settings Barcode Designing View mode for EAN13 label creation – In this mode firstly insert barcode icon from the tool bar. Now click two times on the inserted barcode icon to open barcode properties. A new window will appear in front of you. Here you can select any text font methodology for barcode label creation. Here we have chosen Linear Barcode text font methodology and EAN13 as barcode font type. There is option available for users to add Barcode value, header and footer. You can adjust value, size, font and color also. You can also specify top and bottom, left and right, header, footer margins etc. It is the advance mode of barcode label creation.

EAN 13 Barcode designing view Card Properties – Here you are able to design labels in different card shapes including rectangle, round rectangle and ellipse etc. You can easily specify card type, product number, card name, height and width etc. Your barcode label is created now.

EAN13 card properties Printing Settings for EAN13 barcode labels – Connect any type of printer with your PC. Now go to the print icon in the tool bar. Here you will see two modes for barcode label printing as Pre Define Label Stock and Manual. Select any one of them as per your need. You are also able to adjust printing settings according to you.

If you select Pre Define Label Stock mode of printing then

EAN13 Predefine label stock mode If you select Manual mode of printing then

EAN13 barcode printing using manual mode EAN13 barcode label printing using Thermal Printer

EAN13 barcode printing EAN13 barcode scanning

EAN13 barcode scanning Watch this video to design EAN13 barcode labels

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Download DRPU Barcode Software for evaluation

Download DRPU Barcode Software

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