Designing Process of 2D Aztec Barcode Label with DRPU Barcode Generator Software

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As barcodes are of two types one is linear and other is 2D. There are many types of 2D barcode labels which are Aztec, Data matrix, maxi code, QR code etc. But here we are going to discuss about Aztec barcode font:

Aztec Barcode Symbology:

Aztec is two dimensional barcode font which is named due to its shape like Aztec pyramid. This type of barcode font does not require surrounding blank quiet zone so that it is able to use less space then other matrix code. Aztec symbol is square shaped with blue eyes pattern at center locating the code. The total pixels of bull eye center are of 9*9 or 13*13. Aztec encodes data and Convert source message to string of bits.



How to create Aztec barcode?

  • Download and install DRPU barcode Label maker Software on your pc or laptop device. This application provides two modes Barcode setting and designing view mode to design barcode. Select Barcode setting. Now choose 2d font and select Aztec barcode font from drop down list. Enter barcode value, header-footer value and resize these values. Press ok button.



  • Now your Aztec barcode font is designed.


  • For printing Aztec barcode click on print option and your will get two printing modes one predefined stock label and manual. Choose manual and increase number of labels and set margin between two labels. Now again press print button.

aztec-barcode (2)

  • Now Aztec barcode fonts are printing.

aztec-barcode (7)

For more detail of designing Aztec barcode you can visit:


DRPU Software Pvt Ltd.



Click here for demo version of DRPU Barcode Software


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