How to design Code 128 SET A Font using Barcode Software

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Code 128 SET A is linear type text font methodology. These encode ASCII characters, start/stop symbols and check characters. These bar codes are generally used in commercial as well as non-commercial fields. Users can easily create Code 128 SET A font using Barcode Software.

Code 128 SET A FontBarcode Label Maker Software is the program that creates printable price labels for various business industries. Select any linear as well as 2D text font from predefined stock of labels to create bar code as per their business requirement.  Users can design bar code in any pattern by using various image drawing tools as pencil, color, text, line, ellipse, oval, rectangle and many more. It is very simple and fast to create bar code for library books, retail, packaging, warehousing and various other industries.

Salient features of Barcode Software
1-Linear and 2D text font methodology support to create product labels for multiple business industries
2-Image drawing tools to create bar code in various card shapes
3-No technical help or assistance is required to create bar code for any business industry
4-Flexible text, image, font, color editing feature
5-Users can adjust barcode header, footer, top, bottom, left and right margins as per their labeling needs
6-Print preview facility in pre define label stock and manual mode
7-Users can print multiple copies of same bar code on single paper
8- Save all created barcode images in PC using various image file formats as gif, jpeg, bitmap etc
9-Inbuilt email setting feature to send generated barcode image on specific email address
10-Batch processing series feature to print bulk barcode using sequential series, random and constant value methods

Procedure to create Code 128 SET A font using Barcode Software

At first install and run DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software on PC. Go to software screen. There are available two panels including Barcode Settings and Barcode Designing View to create labels. Users can create labels by using any one of the panel. Here we have shown the procedure of label designing by using Barcode Designing View mode.

Barcode Designing View mode

Go to this panel.  Insert barcode icon on card from the tool bar.  Now double click on it (inserted image) to open barcode properties. There is available two text font methodology as linear and 2D barcode.  Users can select any of them. Here we have selected linear methodology and Code 128 SET A as text font type.  There are available four tabs as value, size, font and color. Users can adjust all these settings according to their need. Add barcode value, header and footer etc as per your need.   You can also adjust top, bottom, left, right, header and footer margins as per their need. Click on ok button. Label is created now.

code128-SETA-designing view mode

Card Properties

Users can set card properties like card shape, card name, card type, product number, width and height etc as per their need


Barcode Printing settings

Connect thermal as well as laser printer with DRPU barcode software installed PC. Now go to tool bar and click on print icon. A new window will open with two modes as pre define label stock and manual. Select any one of the printing mode and adjust printing settings.

In pre define label stock mode


In manual mode


Code 128 SET A Font printing using thermal printer


Code 128 SET A Font Scanning

Code 128 SET A Font Scanning

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Download trial version of Barcode Software here

Download barcode software

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