How to adjust barcode height, density and value margin to design labels

In various industries, barcodes are most important to label on product for inventory management. In retail, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries, inventory control is very difficult task for any business users. Therefore users require advance barcode software to generate barcodes for marking on product to manage or track product stock, shipment, document, transaction and more in computerized manner. Barcode maker software is developed with advance technology to generate linear and 2D barcode labels with using various program settings. Software inbuilt Mail option for sending generated barcode labels at user specified email address and allows creating log file to save, import and export barcode labels for future reference. It provides various settings to set barcode height, density and value margin. Software is designed with two panels – one is Barcode Setting and another Barcode Designing View mode to makes barcode with different drawing tools.

Barcode Label Maker Application

Watch this video to adjust barcode height, density and value margin to design labels

Process to design barcode labels and adjust barcode height, density and value margin using barcode label maker software

Step 1: Install DRPU Barcode Software on your Windows PC or Laptop for generating linear and 2D barcodes to label on products in industries.

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Download SoftwareStep 2: Open Barcode Maker Software that provides two ways of designing barcode labels either using Barcode Setting mode or Barcode Designing View mode. Here we are using Barcode Setting mode to generate barcode labels. Select barcode type and choose barcode font from drop-down list as shown.

Generate  Barcode LabelStep 3: Now enter barcode value, add header and footer text. Use advance Font, Color and Image setting to change or modify color, background, font and image of barcode header, footer and value.

Barcode SettingsStep 4: Use Bar Height and Density option to adjust barcode height and density according to your need. Go to General Settings and set Margin of barcode value, header and footer as shown.

Adjust Height, Density and MarginStep 5: For printing designed barcode label on the require sheet, click on print option and select manual option. Adjust print setting as require manner and select printer connected with PC. You can also print multiple copies of same barcode label using Copies Number field and now press Print button.

Adjust Print SettingStep 6: Barcode labels are printing and ready to use.

Print Barcode Labels

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Step by Step Process to Generate MSI Plessey Barcode Font using DRPU Software

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Watch Video to learn about to generate MSI Plessey Barcode font With DRPU Software

MSI Plessey barcode font is non self checking bar code symbology. It encodes numeric digits 0-9 and contains start and stop character. MSI barcode are commonly used for inventory control and warehousing industries. This symobology does not contain alphabetic character and require a module of 10 digits. If you have need to design MSI Plessey barcode, you can install and download DRPU Barcode software to generate own style product labels without any external help. This is simple and smart solution to create multiple numbers of barcodes at same time. Barcode label maker software – corporate edition provide maximum set of linear or 2d font standard to design most versatile barcode images for fulfilling business requirement.

With use of barcode software you can easily generate high quality price tags, labels, stickers etc in reliable manner. This software provide option to directly save design barcode images in various graphical file format such as jpeg, riff, png, gif, bitmap etc. You can easily copy and paste barcodes in different Windows application including MS-word, MS-excel and paint.


There are following steps to generate MSI Plessey barcode font using DRPU Software

Step 1:

Barcode label maker software – corporate edition provide two ways barcode setting and barcode designing view to create barcode as per your requirement. In this procedure we are using software designing view to generate MSI Plessey barcode labels. Firstly select barcode icon from software toolbar. Double click on barcode to work on its properties. Now select your barcode technology and type. Enter barcode value, header and footer. You can also change barcode font, image and color setting. Press OK button.



Step 2:

Select your card shape and enter card dimension. Barcode software provides advance drawing tools and shape like text, signature, picture, watermark, logo etc to create customized barcode stickers within few mouse clicks. Now click on print icon to print created barcode label.


Step 3:

Barcode software two mode including predefine label stock and manual mode to print barcode according to your requirement. We select manual printing option. Specify page properties and printer setting as per your needs. With inbuilt print preview features, you can see designed barcode label before actual preview. Enter number of copies that you want to print and press print button.


Step 4:

Here you can see your MSI Plessey bar code labels are printing and ready to use.


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How thermal Printer Works and Prints labels on roll sheets?

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A thermal printer consists of printer head, an ink ribbon, roll of thermal paper and rubber roll. The print head on your thermal printer produce printed labels by transferring ink from your thermal transfer ribbon onto label material. The paper and the ink used in thermal printing is heat sensitive and should be protected from light and moisture. The ribbon is transferred in tiny dots of printing. Each dot corresponds to a dot on to print head. Barcode labels are made of series of vertical bar of varying width. The width and spaces of white bar are always fixed. Most thermal printers can be found in point of sale use or printing bar codes for inventory tracking.

thermal printer

To adjust roll into printer first open your printer. Labels printed on the upper portion of printer that you want to print. Fix roll into your thermal printer. Check your rolls are properly fixed into your thermal printer. Move down your printer and press button on right corner of printer to close it. Now your printer is ready to use. 

barcode roll

How print barcode labels on roll sheets.

Step 1:

There are number of roll sheet available in market. Download and install barcode software on your computer system. Design customized barcode labels using various advance image, font and color setting.

barcode designing

Step 2:

Adjust roll into printer. Connect your system to printer.

thermal printing

Step 3:

Now go to click on print. Adjust print setting according to your requirement. You can easily print multiple copies of same barcode labels in single sheet. Press click button

barcode printing

Step 4:

Now you labels are printing and ready to use

barcode labels

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